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Software House Services

Dedicated software development teams

You will feel like you have your own, precisely fitting R&D teams. BCF specialists are matched to your preferences. You can flexibly ramp-up and ramp-down teams to maintain the productivity level you need. The teams will work according to your processes and can be managed by your scrum/product managers.

Software House Services

Strategic software R&D outsourcing

Choose this service if you are looking for a long-term trusted partner who will build and maintain a significant extension of your R&D resources. Joint planning and execution of building-up dedicated structures is our proven recipe for success. BCF ensures effectiveness from day 1 and optimized costs for the long term.

Software House Services

Fixed Price Project

Do you have a very well-defined project scope with a specific budget, and you need a trusted partner for its implementation? We offer ready-to-work teams of specialists with a wide technology stack. BCF will provide estimation and deliveries on time and with the expected scope and quality metrics.

Software House Services

Maintenance of software products and services

BCF provides corrective software maintenance that releases you from the struggle with faults and errors in your system. Our engineers also improve code to match new requirements and upgrade systems to ensure stable and efficient work for years.

Software House Services

Software audit

Do you have a problem with some software products? We can conduct a professional code audit for you. Our specialists will assess the technology debt and code quality, and propose improvements. With a detailed report, you will solve existing problems and anticipate any software issues that may arise in the future. A typical audit takes 10 days and costs about $10,000.

Software House Services

Security audit

Security audits evaluate IT systems and applications to identify and eliminate security deficiencies. A detailed code review detects potential threats, exposures to attacks that cripple business operations. Conducting security audit will minimize the risk of threats, working through issues, and exposing vulnerabilities before they become serious issue. Our experts are located in NATO countries.

Benefits of cooperation with BCF:

- top-quality software services - transparency in all levels of cooperation - teams with the required skills and seniority level - R&D costs optimization without compromising quality and productivity - quick and flexible adaptation to evolving client needs - holistic care of the project under changing circumstances - services for the entire lifecycle of software products and services: opening audit, PoC, MVP, and fully functional product development and maintenance - a very wide spectrum of technologies covered by BCF Group (form embedded to the cloud) It's time to take a step in the right direction.

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