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Web & Cloud Applications

Front-end technologies:

JavaScript - ReactJS, Angular, Vue with TypeScript, CSS (SASS/LESS), HTML5

Back-end technologies:

NodeJS with TypeScript, Sequlize, PrismaORM, MERN, NestJS, .NET Core (with Azure, EntityFramework), PostgreSQL, MSSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, AWS, GCP


Embedded Systems & Applications


C, C++, Golang


Linux, Qt, FreeRTOS, QNX, FPGA, VHDL and many more.


Mobile Applications


JAVA, Kotlin, JavaScript, Objective-C, Swift


OSes and frameworks: Android, native Android, Wear OS, iOS, macOS, watchOS, tvOS, Flutter, Ionic, Kotlin, Swift, Xamarin, React native.


Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Computer Vision, Machine Learning

Big Data:

Languages: Python Tools and techniques: Azure Databricks, AWS Data Lakes, BigQuery, Snowflake, Kafka, Hive, Storm, Apache NiFi, SSIS, Tableau, PowerBI, Ansible, Couchbase for Big Data Applications, ETL Systems, Data Pipelines Design, Data Mining, Data Analytics, Data Visualization in domains such as Financial, FMCG Retail, Operations, Electro and more

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Computer Vision:

Languages: Python, C, C++, Flutter, Ruby, MATLAB Tools and techniques:  OpenCV, OpenVINO, Tensorflow, Keras, Deepstream (e.g. for Nvidia), TensorRT, XGBoost, ROS, PCL, OpenAI, Eigen, SciPy, Scikitlearn, Snorkel, NLTK, Elasticsearch, Geo frameworks (PyGeos, GeoPandas), Customized Algorithms for Prototyping and architecture design of AI/ML/CV systems, Algorithm choice, training, parameterization and customization, Solution testing, Vendor assessments, PoC/MVPs systems, Process Automation in domains such as Medical Systems, Transportation, Energy Sector, Banking, Health Safety and more.. 


Agile Project & Program Management


Kanban, Scrum, Scrum of Scrums, LeSS, SAFe


We deliver Consulting, Project, and Program Management services adjusted to organization scale and seniority. We support work on all stages of product development: from PoC, through MVP, Continuous product development (continuous features delivery) up to maintenance phases of products. We support process design and its implementation adjusted to organization needs implementing methodologies combined with technical solutions (CI, CD, DevOps, DevSecOps). We deliver integrations of processes with modern tools (Asana, Jira, Monday, Slack, MS365, Azure DevOps, and more) building e2e solutions delivering visibility towards business and engineering stakeholders. We support in organizational transformations and adaptations towards high skilled and very productive organizations.


Quality Assurance & DevOps


ISTQB, Test Process Design Implementation, Automation and Execution both Manual and Automated. We support in technologies: Embedded (C++), Applications (React, Angular, .NET, Java), Mobile (Android, IOS).


Selenium, Cypress , Python & Robot Framework, API, Jenkins, Azure DevOps, AWS, Digital Ocean, Kubernetes, Docker,


We deliver testing and DevOps services to build state-of-the-art systems to support continuous product development, continuous software release processes. We support embedded as well as cloud-based applications ensuring expected quality deliverables. We support process development and its adjustments towards the organization. We help in identifying and implementing successful definitions of done on all engineering levels. We design and implement automatic pipelines with automated test executions, product deployments, and quality gate criteria implementation on all testing levels from unit tests up to e2e system tests.


Enterprise Solution


MuleSoft, Salesforce, Guidewire, EIS Platform, SAP S4/HANA, Tableu, MS365.


System and product design, integration, testing, and deployment combined with professional software engineering services (wide development stack) and unique consulting services make us a trusted partner towards complex deliveries of well-suited systems based on gathered requirements. We deliver production-level systems using agile methodologies (Scrum, Scrum of Scrum, LeSS, SAFE) rapidly adapting to changing requirements. We consult and support with simplifying the existing processes, defining suitable technological solutions to satisfy complex business demands.

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